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The Ceres Podcast

Stelios Theocharous (Founder & Director of Ceres | Pure Food Innovation) travels and talks to exciting people within the Food & Hospitality industry. We don't rush in this podcast, we really want to find out what makes people do what they do.

Focussed on learning from Chefs, Food Producers, Growers, Hoteliers, Suppliers, Restauranteurs, Trade Associations, and whoever makes hospitality happen.

Tune in if you're in the business of making hospitality happen.


May 8, 2021

In this episode Stelios talks to Dino Joannides, Dino spins a lot of plates and can be found over at Bizimply the All In One Scheduling, Time Tracking, Human Resources software, but he is also very much involved in the hospitality world too and if that isn’t enough he is also written a fantastic Italian cookbook 'Semplice' filled to the brim with great recipes but also lots of history about the ingredients. 

You can find Dino on Instagram, Twitter or Linkedin and if you have any questions about Bizimply you can email Dino at

Big thanks to our episode sponsor; get in touch with Sauce Intelligence for your mystery guests visits.

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